What a busy week we had last week, we were that busy we didn’t even get round to filling you in on all our news, so here it is…..

On Wednesday we had a very exciting workshop delivered by Natasha from The Soap Loaf Company

It was something that none of our staff and students had ever done before, we enjoyed learning about the process of soap making and got the chance to make our very own batch! We produced a set of…… wait for it…… DOGGY SHAMPOO SOAPS! We chose these as they were easy, safe to make and all round very fun! Our students spent the afternoon designing the labels before packaging them up ready to sell in our café, a FIRST for us. So far our doggy customers have told us the soaps are great and easy to use, see our Facebook page for Stanley’s video review








In other exciting news, last week we exhibited our FIRST ever piece of Art in a Gallery! We created a fantastic piece that was shown in the Millennium Galleries in Sheffield. The exhibition was based on treasures, jewels and precious things, all our students created a small 10x10cm piece that represented them and showed what was precious to each individual, from pets, to family, to music and treasured memories. All the parts were then comprised together to create our final piece which we think is incredible! And even the mayor of Sheffield “Mr Magid Magid” thought so too!! We now have the artwork on display in the Hidden Gem Café so be sure to pop down and take a look!


So overall a very exciting week of FIRSTS for us, trying out new and exciting activities, showcasing our artwork in a local gallery and meeting the Mayor, all in a days work.

Stay tuned……..

From all the staff and students at Work Ltd